Listening Station is Digital LL (Digital Language Lab) system.

Listening Station is a very convenient and useful language education tool for teacher leading education, individual learning, group learning, etc. Teaching materials stored in PC can be down-loaded to a voice server same as copy operation (6 seconds for 10 minutes material).
Teachers and students can use the down-loaded materials freely.
Audio materials of CD, VTR, DVD, etc can be stored to a voice server directly.

Sound quality
Sound quality of teaching materials is excellent. Sound quality of the conversation between a teacher and students and the conversation among students is very good.
There is no delay in the conversation. The movement of the mouth and the sound are syncronized.
Easy operation
Functions can be used intuitively with big buttons.

If the person who was using cassette LL, it is possible to use this system immediately.
Utilization of the property
It is possibile to use existing desks, equipment and teaching materials.
This is an energy saving system and the running cost can be reduced.
Its specification is kind to environmental too.
Power consumption of student unit is only 1 watt.
The generation of heat with the system is little. Additional cooler is not necessary.
Listening Station Computer Assisted LL
box  X  6
2t truck
J Yen 4,800 J Yen 64,000
box  X  6
2t truck
100W electric
X 3.5
100W electric
X 123
CO2 190kg/year 6.7ton/year
Electricity Charge J Yen6,800/year J Yen240,000/year
● 1 system 40 booth
● Transportation cost calculation : Corrugated cardboard box J. Yen 800 
   *Console desks and PC of teacher are not included.
● CO2 calculation : 0.378kg/1kW
   (0.3 + 0.05)kW x 0.378kg x 6hours x 20days x 12months = 190kg
   0.3 kW x 41sets x 0.378kg x 6hours x 20days x 12months = 6700kg
   *Electricity consumption of Cooler is not included.
● Electricity charge calculation : J. Yen 13.5/kW
    (0.3+ 0.05)kW x J. Yen 13.5 x 6hours x 20days x 12months J. Yen6,800
    0.3 kW x 41sets x J. Yen 13.5 x 6hours x 20days x 12months J. Yen240,000
   *Electricity consumption of Cooler is not included.
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Audio Visual class

When PC for LL is not turned on, audio visual equipment can be operated and it is possible to open Audio Visual class.
Language Learning class

Common language learning class.
Center Monitor

Picture of Word, Excel, Internet can be displayed by a center monitor.
Student PC
The sound os student PC can be monitored through Listening Station.
There are 3 types, Listening Station, Listening Station ll and Listening Station lII.
Analyzer function, number of teaching materials, shape of student unit, etc are different.
Functions only for Listening Station:
Listening Station A/B/C Screen, Analyzer, DrillMoni, Dril&Rev, Progress
Listening Station II A/B/C Screen, Progress
Listening Station lII Lesson Screen
Preparation of teaching materials:
File number of teaching material: Listening Station : 99 files
Listening Station II : 1 file
Listening Station IlI : 1 file
Student Unit:
Listening Station : Desk-top type
Listening Station II : Desk-top type
Listening Station IlI : Desk-top type
Listening Station document download
Listening Station
Listening Station II
Listening Station IlI