Ampere Discussion System

The high-quality system which can
be used in the conference of a small number of people, the large-scale conference, the simultaneous interpretation conference.
Digital Audio Conference System  ADS
The chairperson / delegate unit is equipped with high-quality microphone and
it is possible to hear the voice of the speaker clear through built-in  the speaker
or the earphone. Also, it is possible to use as the simple simultaneous translation
system to 15 channels, too.
The chairperson / delegate unit is the integrate type of the microphone and
the speaker. Also, it has the convenient repeat switch to hear a missed
hearing part just before. The chairperson unit is equipped with the priority
switch which has priority to speak.
Feature of Audio Conference System ADS
  High-quality sound (sampling frequency 44.1kHz, 16bit PCM)
・ Repeat feature to hear a missed hearing part from 5 seconds before.
・ Delegate unit is available as the simple interpreter unit .
・ The simultaneous translation is applicable to 15 languages.
・ The conference unit wiring and the electrical-power-supply by the daisy chain
     connection with CAT5 (LAN) cable.
・ line input/output and microphone input are built-in in the control unit.
・ It is possible to connect maximum of 80 conference units
 (Conference unit: General term for Chairperson Unit, Delegate Unit, Interpreter Unit)
Simultaneous interpretation is applicable (Delegate Unit)

Delegate unit can be used as a simple interpreter unit by switching the dip switch on the rear side.
Self-diagnosis function
* The voltage source capacity check ( Automatic )
   It checks whether the voltage source capacity isn't lacking every port.    
 ( When more than the Maximum connection number, and so on )
* The sound performance check ( Automatic )
   It checks whether it is possible to select the sound to have let out  
   from the speaker of each chairperson / delegate unit with microphone.
   ( It checks one in turn. )
* The keying-in check of the chairperson / Delegate unit ( Manual )
  Corresponding code will be displayed on LED when pushing the button of each unit.